Kinesiology                                                            Physical Education

1. Program Structure

a)     Breadth  – 50% courses taught by Kin 

        academic unit (20 of  40)

b)     Depth – minimum 4 kinesiology courses

        offered at the advanced level

c)     Faculty Complement – 75% Kin

        courses taught by full-time Kin


1. Program Structure
a)     Courses in 4 areas:

         Arts/Science, Disciplinary content in

       Physical Education, Physical activities,

       Pedagogy (Integrated and B.Ed.

       programs only)

b)     Breadth – 50% courses offered by

       Phys. Ed. (20 of 40)

c)     Depth – Minimum 4 Phys. Ed. Courses

       offered at the advanced level

d)     Faculty Complement – 75% Phys.

       Ed. Courses taught by full-time Phys. Ed.


2. Core Courses: human anatomy, human

       physiology, exercise physiology, biomechanics,

       motor learning/motor control; psychology of

       physical activity, and two courses in social       

       science and/or humanities area (total of 8


2. Core Courseshuman anatomy, human

       physiology, exercise physiology,
biomechanics, motor learning/motor

       control; psychology of physical activity,

       and two courses in social science and/or

       humanities area (total of 8 courses)


3. Core Activitiesformalized games and

       sports; dance; basic movement (e.g.,

       track and field, gymnastics); recreation

       and leisure pursuits; and exercise and

       health related fitness (4 courses or

       equivalent). The courses should include

       what is being taught in the provincial

       school systems.

3. Scientific Inquiry: research methods, stats (2


4. Healthrequired courses – health, growth

       and development


5. Special Populationsrequired course –

       Physical Activity for Special Populations

4. Application Disciplinary Knowledge: lab

       experiences in at least 4 core courses, minimum

       96 hours

6. Course Specializationfollow all

       provincial regulations for admission to

       the B.Ed. programs and document an

       alignment with the programs in the

       Faculty of Education


7. Pedagogy:

a) B.Ed. and Integrated programs must offer

       courses in Instructional Strategies,         

       Pedagogy of Physical Education, Analysis

       of Teaching in Physical Education,

       Curriculum Design and Implementation,

       and Special Populations

b) Minimum of 10 weeks Phys. Ed. practice


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